“SOUTH WEST FOCUS publish a bi-monthly magazine for local public with information of businesses and articles to read. To start, let me say that I am a magazine enthusiast, and believe that a majority of consumers still flipping through the pages of magazines, and what is better than a local magazine that connects the consumer and the business owner with each other. Meet the owner of the business, read the story of your next door neighbor and I have learned that we all do have a story to tell. When you are the owner of a local business, then you know they are proud of what they have achieved and all businesses would like to connect with the consumer . . . you!!!

So when they tell their story or advertise their business then it is a good idea to let them know you have read or seen their advert or their story because for them, they know that when they advertise may it be any platform, from facebook, newspaper or South West Focus that they do get seen and it is worth advertising their business to the local residents. Local support is more important than ever and supporting local do feed families, build communities and bring us all closer to each other.I really believe that no matter whether a magazine is delivered to your doorstep or to your computer, printed on glossy stock or cheap tabloid paper, appearing on your iPad or your cell-phone screen, it is still and foremost the work of a team for a discerning audience, beautiful and meaningful. We hope the reader get ideas, words and images that a group of passionate people prepares for its readers. While technology efficiently delivers news stories to our desktops, laptops and mobile devices, magazines are all about context – how ideas and images are presented in relations to one another and within a larger point of view. Magazines are about trust. We will always strive to keep you engaged.”

​Editor / Beulah Viljoen

Contact: beulah@southwestfocus.com.au